Kringle: A large pretzel shaped danish pastry filled with almond paste, custard and raisins $16 pre-order

Julekage: A sweet yeasted cardamom bread loaded with raisins and candied orange peel $5

Cardamom Braid: A sweet yeasted cardamom bread braided and topped with crunchy cardamom sugar $7

Cinnipan: Seven squishy cinnamon rolls in a perfectly presentable pan...perfect for Christmas morning! $18

Princess Tart (Smorkage): A Danish holiday tradition! A layer of danish dough, topped with layers of mazarin and custard, and seven rolls of danish dough filled with custard and mazarin, baked together for your mouth watering delight! $17

Marzipan Pigs: One solid piece of our homemade marzipan fashioned into an adorable pig. Makes for a great stocking stuffer and brings good luck for the new year! $5

Fruitcake: Golden pound cake with toasty pecans, candied fruit and a touch of rum. $1/oz.

Potatoes: Puff pastry shell filled with whipped cream and custard, covered in a thin layer of marzipan and rolled in cocoa powder. A sure hit to impress your guests! $3.75

Sarah Bernhardts: Almond macaroon cookie with chocolate mousse and dipped in chocolate. Topped with a white chocolate snowflake to add something special to your dessert table. $3.75

Mazarin Tarts: A buttery cookie crust with an almond mazarin filling topped with pink icing and delicate festive swirls. $3.75

Assorted Cookies: Sugar trees, cinnamon stars, gingerbread, cherry spritz, raspberry bars, shortbread (Finnish, candied ginger, chocolate), Russian tea cakes. $.85/each, $4.25/half dozen, $8.50/dozen, $12.75/18 in festive winter box

***Call today to pre-order! 206.282.3004***